Our Story

The tale of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, that’s what Good Girls are made of…

Meet Emily and McKenna, two good girls who really are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. These two baking babes are on a mission to change the world by baking the best cookies you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.

emily_holding_dog_newIt all started in a land not so far, far away. Emily was a television news anchor, and as these things usually happen, did a life changing story about a puppy mill bust. More than 700 puppies were rescued from horrific conditions.

Ever the animal enthusiast, Emily knew she had to do something. So she adopted McKenna, it was puppy love at first sight. The two have been inseparable ever since, always cooking up good girl ideas and plenty of cookies for their family and friends.

One night that was neither dark nor stormy, inspiration struck! The Good Girl Cookie Company was born. Without a moment to lose, Emily and McKenna sprung into action, well Emily did most of the springing, McKenna supervised. The two dessert divas made a commitment to produce the best cookies in the world using only real, organic and simply delicious ingredients.

You know you’ll feel better once these treats cross your lips because what you’re tasting is all natural and homemade. The icing on the cookie is that for every box of Good Girl cookies you enjoy, we donate $1 to a no-kill animal rescue to help other dogs and cats just like McKenna.
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