The Dogs

As you know, a dollar from every box of Good Girl Cookies will help save countless animals and we want to thank you for helping save as many dogs as possible. Every dog we save will get their picture here and a little story about them. First we are going to start with a report on puppy mills. Watch this.

* If nothing else, please educate yourself about puppy mills. Just imagine forcing your pet dog to live his or her entire life in a small wire cage with no human companionship, toys or comfort, and little hope of ever becoming part of a family? That is what life is like for a puppy mill breeding dog. Mckenna was not a puppy born at the mill, she was worse. She was mom. There were times when the vet told me she was pregnant and nursing at the same time, just think about that! Help us stop this cycle of cruelty that contributes to pet overpopulation and the suffering of countless dogs. The first thing you can do is STOP buying puppies from puppy stores. Most of those places get their dogs from mills so every time you buy a dog from most puppy stores this is what you are supporting.